Sea turtle Game

Getting kids involved in conservation always sounds great. The challenge is, how? WWF Suriname launched the Sea Turtle Game (in Dutch), a board game that teaches kids (and or adults) about the life cycle of, and threats against marine turtles that live off the coast of the Guianas. With 22 steps and tip cards the kids get questions and need to respond as they play. The tokens for this game are made from plastic bottle caps, so that a little bit of the recycling thought is added to the fun. Hanneke van Lavieren, WWF Guianas marine coordinator, launched the game at a kid’s vacation event in Suriname on 29th August. And whoever plays this game, is definitely a winner!
The Endangered Sea Turtle Handbook is a WIDECAST publication. For reference see below.
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Wider Caribbean Sea Turtle Conservation Network (WIDECAST) Technical Report 3. Beaufort, North Carolina. 176pp.
WIDECAST- a regional network to which WWF Guianas has been an active partner for over 10 years.