About us

© Rafael Jantz / WWF-Guianas



From our humble beginnings with just 5 staff members in 1999, we grew into one of the most recognized and influential environmental NGOs in the Guianas. We strive to build a future in which humans can live in harmony with nature.

© Rafael Jantz / WWF-Guianas


WWF supported species conservation programs in the Guianas, with a focus on marine turtles, becoming the first international nonprofit organization to work on nature conservation in the Guianas. In 1998, a regional office covering the three Guianas was created. In 2006, the office was transformed into a Regional Program Office, implementing more complex multi-donor conservation programs. Since 2015, we have taken on the task of developing our office into a Country Office more strongly embedded in society. Today, we are the only civil society organization working across Suriname, Guyana and French Guiana.



Together with the people of Suriname and Guyana we conserve their natural heritage for human wellbeing for now and for generations to come.

As one of the very few organizations operating on a regional scale, WWF-Guianas will use our work across different countries to spur cross-fertilisation and learning wherever possible. We will employ our substantial brand recognition to highlight at a local, regional and global scale the issues relevant to our mission in the Guianas. We will further make best use of our global network to ensure reliable and consistent support for conservation initiatives in the region.

Core Values

Reflecting on what we want to achieve going forward, WWF-Guianas strives to live up to the WWF values of courage, respect, integrity, and collaboration. Across the many cultures and individuals that represent WWF and the partners and communities we work with, we are unified by our values. Every individual, office and programme of WWF bears fundamental responsibility for honouring these values which are at the core of our work.