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Gold mining is a growing threat for the Amazon. The issue will be discussed in a side event at Rio+20 summit.

WWF: ‘We remain at risk for next pandemic unless urgent action is taken’

17 Jun 2020 Read more »
Shell Beach, located on the Atlantic coast of Guyana in the Barima-Waini Region

Preserving the Health of the Ocean for Our Wellbeing

It is World Ocean’s Day! Did you know that the oceans of the Guianas are very rich of biodiversity, thanks to its muddy nutrient rich waters fed by ...

08 Jun 2020 Read more »
Aiesha Williams - Country Manager WWF-Guianas, Guyana Office

Approaching Community-Based Conservation in a Changing World

Aiesha shares her journey in conservation and reflects on her experiences over the years as an expert in community-based conservation.

22 May 2020 Read more »
In 2006 David spent many days and nights in front of this Fume Hood in the Chemistry Lab at University of Florida working on his postdoctoral research.

Conservation is About Caring for People and Nature

Dr. David Singh, Director of WWF-Guianas shares with us his journey in conservation and reflects on how the needle has moved on environmental issues ...

20 May 2020 Read more »






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Biodiversity Assessment Survey of the Kaieteur Plateau and Upper Potaro, Guyana

Biodiversity Assessment Survey of the Kaieteur Plateau and Upper Potaro, Guyana

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Office in Guyana in collaboration with Global Wildlife Conservation (GWC) launches today the secpnd in a series of reports ...

17 Nov 2017 Read more »

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