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WWF is a conservation organization that aims to promote its mission - creating a world where both people and nature can thrive. This is based on the principle that positive outcomes for both people and nature depend on firmly integrating human rights into conservation practices. While the responsibility for protecting human rights lies with states as the ‘duty-bearer’, WWF acknowledges that businesses and organizations, including ours, can play an important role in upholding human rights.

© WWF Guianas

Grievance Resolution Procedures

Our grievance resolution process is established to receive, respond and resolve grievances raised by stakeholders who may be negatively affected by our work or by the work that we support through our partners and consultants.

Addressing concerns or complaints in a timely and effective way helps resolve issues, improves mutual understanding, strengthens accountability, ensures the protection of Human Rights and provides a foundation for increased collaboration.


For the WWF-US Grievance Mechanism, please visit

 Statements of Principles and Environmental & Social Safeguards






  1. WWF Declaration of Principles on Indigenous Peoples and Conservation
  2. WWF Policy on Poverty and Conservation
  3. Reference Framework on Conservation and Human Rights
  4. WWF Gender Policy
  5. Environmental and Social Safeguards Framework