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Improving an enabling environment, gender responsiveness and inclusiveness requires a participatory approach with civil society organisations to maintain or increase their operational space and strengthened actions for gender, rights and inclusiveness. A critical aspect of the approach is to increase the participation of vulnerable groups, civil societies and communities in natural resource and environment governance and decision-making processes.

WWF Guianas, Projekta and the IUCN Global Gender Office designed and fostered different tools and approaches, using a gender and social inclusion lens, grounded in the fundamental and cross-cutting human rights-based approach.

Our programmes are designed to create space for environment and natural resources practitioners to start the conversation on gender and social inclusion, in particular understanding the differentiated relationship men and women have with their environment and how they access, use and manage resources. This sets out the basis for greater participation in environment and natural resources governance and decision-making processes in Guyana and Suriname.