A ‘Turtle’s Christmas Wish’ kids event | WWF

A ‘Turtle’s Christmas Wish’ kids event

A ‘Turtle’s Christmas Wish’ kids event was held on Sunday 17 December and attended by 50 children between 4-11 years. This full day event was organized WWF Guianas in partnership with Suriname Hospitality and Tourism Association (SHATA), HIP Suriname and the United Tour Guides Suriname (UTGS). WWF Guianas organized the sea turtle educational activities at the Paramaribo Zoo, including an interactive presentation, a tour of the zoo, a turtle movie and games.
Turtles are an endangered species. Human behavior has contributed to this threat. This event aimed to spread awareness about the life, threats and most important the protection of turtles. The idea of this event is to enable children to express in their own way how they think the sea turtles can be protected.
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