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Areas of Focus

Oceans practices

Healthy ocean ecosystems mean healthy people, with enhanced food security, regional stability and a sustainable and inclusive ‘blue economy’. Seen through this lens, the ocean has unprecedented relevance in the eyes of decision makers, meaning we are well primed to tackle the irresponsible practices that are pushing our ocean systems to the point of collapse, with the opportunity to reverse the declines to restore ocean health. Discover more.

Water Practice

Freshwater resources are presumed still to be of high quality in many places. However, in several locations in both urban and rural areas, the water quality and the hydrological system are under severe stress due to poor sanitary management, industrial developments and mining. Our activities are geared towards mitigating negative impacts to waterways, as occurs in uncontrolled gold mining. Discover more.


The high forest cover - low deforestation status of the Guianas makes our region the best remaining global opportunity to preserve continuous tracts of intact forest. With our programs, we have numerous opportunities to support sustainably managed community-controlled resources, limit deforestation pressures and road infrastructure, and build contiguous links to existing protected areas and indigenous territories in French Guiana, Venezuela, and Northern Brazil to create a huge block of preserved Amazonian forest. Discover more


Our programs focus strongly on human well-being, specifically to access of people to international Public Goods, water, food security and climate resilience. Discover more.

Food security

The lush natural and cultural diversity in the Guianas serves people with a wealth of food sources. It is a key value for human well-being and as such a needed buffer to assure food security. With increasing demands on the Guianas` resources and the impact of climate change, food security becomes at risk. Our programs encourage the reduction of unsustainable hunting (including poaching) and fishing practices for food and trade lead to declining wildlife populations. Learn more
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