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The high forest cover - low deforestation status of the Guianas makes our region the best remaining global opportunity to preserve continuous tracts of intact forest. We have numerous opportunities to support sustainably managed community-controlled resources, limit deforestation pressures and road infrastructure, and build contiguous links to existing protected areas and indigenous territories in French Guiana, Venezuela, and Northern Brazil to create a huge block of preserved Amazonian forest.
  • Engage communities to use (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation) REDD+ financing and capacity building for forest conservation across Guyana, particularly in the South and including high biodiversity areas such as the N. Rupununi Wetlands;
  • Use experience in environmental education and citizen engagement from Peperpot in Suriname, Earth Hour etc. to expand citizen support for conservation goals;
  • Build the capacity of indigenous communities to establish participatory development and management plans for their lands;
  • Strengthen the legislative framework with civil society actors concessions for extractive industries such as mining, oil and lumber.
© Roger Leguen / WWF
Roger Leguen / WWF
© Roger Leguen / WWF