Consultancy: IUU Fishing in the Guianas

Posted on
14 February 2023
WWF-Guianas has been active on promoting sustainable fisheries in the region and as well as supporting activities to combat IUU fishing. In November 2018, WWF organized a Regional workshop on IUU fishing where government representatives, the fishing sector, and other stakeholders from the three Guianas started a dialogue on how to combat IUU fishing in the region. Building on the results of the Regional IUU fishing workshop, WWF-Guianas with support from Oceans 5 is implementing a programme to reduce IUU fishing throughout the Guianas by developing and implementing National Plan of Actions (NPOA’s). Furthermore, searching for ways to increase and strengthen cooperation on data sharing between the three Guianas with a focus on small-scale fishery. Working closely with the appointed national focal points in each country and through strategic coordination and consultation with key stakeholders will become part of the projects in achieving the goals.

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