Peper Pot National Park

© Peter Grobben / WWF-Guianas

Located in Suriname some five kilometres across the river from Paramaribo city centre lies Peperpot Nature Park, a former plantation that has been reclaimed by nature, and is now a unique place for wildlife, nature recreation, and education for city dwellers and tourists.

WWFGuianas was one of the organizations that helped to create the park, using expertise and funds from the Dutch Postcode Lottery and WWF in the Netherlands. Peperpot Nature Park is now an independent foundation with a local board. In Peperpot Nature Park, birdwatchers can indulge themselves in the early morning or late afternoon hours. Walkers and cyclists on the 3.2 km path through the park will most surely see different species of monkeys. Other animal species that shy away from human intruders, including giant anteaters and even a jaguar and a puma, have been observed on strategically placed camera traps.

The original buildings of the plantation have been preserved and bear witness to the original Peperpot coffee and cocoa plantation of the colonial past.