Regional Action Plan for the NWA Leatherback (2022)

Posted on
15 May 2023
The NWA Leatherback Sea Turtle subpopulation has severely declined over the last 20 years. Some of the largest nesting assemblages in the world were in the Wider Caribbean, where we have now documented nest declines that exceed 90% in some places. This recently recorded trend throughout the region highlights the fact that without increased and sustained conservation effort, this subpopulation risks collapse.

Halting the decline of Leatherback Sea Turtles requires regional collaboration as described in the newly developed “Northwest Atlantic (NWA) Leatherback Regional Action Plan (RAP) for the Wider Caribbean.”

The goal of the RAP is to define the priority actions and activities to be taken at the distribution range of the NWA Leatherback Sea Turtle, promoting coordination, communication, and collaboration among individuals, projects, organizations, and agencies to implement a regionally applicable strategy, which will strengthen the conservation and survival prospects of this species.

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