Marine Endangered Threatened and Protected (ETP) and other key species of the Guianas, 2019

Posted on
04 May 2023
WWF Guianas as part of reduction in bycatch of ETP species in fisheries, developed an On-Board Guide for Identification of Marine ETP and Key Species of the Guianas (for > 35 species including rays, sharks, mammals and turtles) for fishermen to improve on-board identification of ETP species in the artisanal and industrial fisheries.

This guide improves identification skills for ETP species, and the collection of appropriate bycatch data; needed as basic information for management. The guide was designed for easy onboard use on fishing vessels and is therefore waterproof. Trainings in the use of the guide as well as reporting bycatch of ETP species was held in both Suriname and Guyana in 2019. The guide proved to be an asset in Guyana for their MSC certification process, since one of the conditions is that the seabob vessel crews must be able to identify the ETP bycatch in order to record and report. This condition is the same for Suriname. The Surinamese crews already report, but better knowledge of the species is required to improve their reporting.

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