Wildife of the Guianas: A Pocketbook for Wildlife Trade, Monitoring and Enforcement

Posted on
26 April 2023
Pocketbook 'Wildlife of the Guianas', published in February 2023. This reference is intended as a tool to support the monitoring and enforcement of wildlife trade. It has been published by WWF-Guianas with the support of various parties including the Nature Conservation Division of Suriname, the National Zoological Collection of Suriname/Centre for Environmental Research (NZCS/CMO), local customs and wildlife exporters.

There are limited printed books availalbe, please contact us if you belong to one of the parties that should have a physical copy and did not receive one yet. 

If the preview does not open, please click THIS LINK, scan the QR code below or download the PDF version HERE. The PDF gives you the possibility to seach by using CTRL+F.