2011 is the International Year of the Forests

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A theme of special pride for the three Guianas, who treasure an ever increasing unique worldwide position in this area. Over 80% of the Guianas surface is covered by pristine tropical rainforest, with all their ecological, economical and recreational benefits.
Why are our tropical rainforests so important?
·         Tropical rainforests are biodiversity hotspots; they boast the highest percentage of biodiversity per square mile in the world.
·         Furthermore; forests regulate the tropical rainstorms; their enormous area of leaf- and root cover protects the vulnerable ground. Via an intricate system of absorption the forest releases her water intake very gradually into the river, therefore guaranteeing them to neither run dry nor wild, depending on the season. 
·         The forest takes care of its local inhabitants, it provides the Indigenous people and Maroons with everything they need for their sustenance. 
·         The recreational value of the forests hardly needs more explanation. 
·         Worldwide realization is dawning that our forests are important CO2 sinks; deforestation doesn't just bring destruction of an enormous biodiversity, but also the release of enormous masses of Greenhouse gasses in an already endangered balance.