Guyana celebrates the planet at the 18th Edition of Earth Hour.

Posted on
26 March 2024
On Saturday, March 23rd, at 20:30 hrs, Guyanese reunited with millions of people around the world from 190 countries and territories for the 18th edition of Earth Hour in support and celebration of our planet.
Earth Hour invited everyone everywhere to "Give an hour for Earth" by finding the most enjoyable ways to give an hour for Earth through the Hour Bank. This new online interactive tool, developed by WWF, saw an incredible total of 1,476,081 hours given to Earth, to which Guyana contributed 580 hours.
Earth Hour campaign in Guyana encouraged individuals not only to switch off lights symbolically but also to take 60 minutes to do good for the planet while doing something they love. This year's Earth Hour focused on promoting sustainability while raising awareness about the twin perils facing the Earth: nature loss and climate change.
The Earth Hour celebration activities commenced with the Eco-Explorers Scavenger Hunt, which was organised in collaboration with Policy Forum Guyana. Over 80 participants, representing schools, environmental groups, and public-spirited individuals, competed for prizes as they deciphered various clues that tested their knowledge of biodiversity and ecological sustainability.
Following the scavenger hunt, supporters were treated to a Nature Exhibition that showcased the collaborative efforts of various organizations, including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Environmental Management Consultants (EMC), local Craft Producers, Hyde Park Zoo, the Protected Areas Commission (PAC) and Save Soil. The exhibition was an enlightening experience that raised awareness of the importance of conservation efforts and the role each entity plays in preserving Guyana's natural heritage.
The countdown to lights-out event was held in the Botanical Gardens, which served as a magnificent backdrop for a night dedicated to Guyanese ‘Giving an Hour for Earth’. The Lights-out moment, which usually marks the pinnacle of Earth Hour, saw scores of supporters gathered to witness the symbolic gesture of collective lighting of the ‘60’ emblem.  In an atmosphere of unity and reflection, the event was complemented by the melodious sounds of Abel Stokes and the rhythmic harmony of the Buxton Steel Band Orchestra.
“As we reflect on the success of this year’s Earth Hour, it's clear that our collective efforts have not only raised awareness but also sparked a bigger interest in the urgent need for a sustainable future. Let's carry this momentum forward, continuing to work together to create a more hopeful and resilient world for generations to come,” said Ms Aiesha Williams, WWF-Guianas, Country Manager, Guyana office.
Local companies played a crucial role in making Earth Hour a success. These include Logitech Geospatial, Twins Manufacturing Chemist, Darthan Investments, and Cole's Printing, which made valuable contributions to support Earth Hour.