SFL team engages stakeholders to discuss community development in Para East.

Posted on
16 April 2024
On Monday, April 15, the WWF-SFL Team met with village leaders of Para East, private sector representatives, and other stakeholders, including the Joden Savanne Foundation and the Association of Recreational Facilities in Para District. This meeting followed the WWF's previous engagement with indigenous leaders of the Para district on December 13, 2023. The primary objective of this meeting was to establish common ground and determine a plan for the development of Para East. 
All participants agreed that community-driven development is essential and that the private sector should play a role. Mutual respect is necessary, and all parties involved need to find common ground to determine the priorities for community development. The participants also proposed the creation of a platform that would serve as a development hub for all villages in Para East, acting as a bridge between communities and the private sector. 
To ensure success, villages must enhance their working relationships. The krutu also addressed enhancing the relationship between the village of Casipora and the Joden Savanne Foundation. The two parties are anticipated to come together to iron out issues. WWF-Guianas offered to facilitate this meeting.
This meeting is seen as another important milestone under the Sustainable Forest Livelihoods project, which is designed to maintain healthy forests and natural resources in Guyana and Suriname.