WWF's asks for REDD+ in Durban

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14 November 2011
The next UN climate convention meeting (COP17) takes place in Durban, South Africa, from 28th November – 9th December, 2011.

REDD+ is a key issue on the Durban agenda. As deforestation is responsible for up to a fifth of global carbon emissions, efforts to curb emissions from forest loss in developing countries – known as REDD+ – are key to tackling climate change. Key decisions are needed at COP17 in Durban in order to get REDD+ right for the benefit of the climate, people and nature.

WWF asks for REDD+ in Durban are:

1. Close the REDD+ finance gap and clarify the role of market finance

2. Decide on REDD+ methodologies that benefit the climate, people and nature (information system for safeguards, reference levels and MRV)

3. Develop a global target for REDD+ mitigation linked to long-term finance

4. Address drivers of deforestation