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Developing the tools to make REDD+ work

Posted on
14 June 2011
For REDD+ to succeed, the global community must demonstrate that the carbon held in forests can be efficiently and accurately measured so that changes can be monitored and reported across large forest areas. This will ensure that it’s possible to verify whether real progress is being made in preventing emissions from forest loss.

WWF is supporting forest countries’ efforts to put in place systems to measure, monitor, report on and verify the amount of carbon held in forests (referred to as MRV). Forest countries need financial, technological and capacity-building support to develop these robust MRV systems.

WWF is also developing innovative tools to measure, monitor and report on forest carbon.

For REDD+ to work, both comprehensive MRV systems and the tools to carry MRV out are needed to accurately measure the amount of carbon in forests, and monitor and report human induced or naturally occurring changes over time.