Job opening: Contracts Manager | WWF

Job opening: Contracts Manager

Posted on
12 March 2019

WWF GUIANAS OFFICE – Georgetown, Guyana
Position title:              Contracts Manager
Reports to:                 Operations & Finance Director (Suriname)
Supervises:                 n/a
FTE:                           0.5 (3 days per week)
Location:                    Georgetown, Guyana
I.          Major Functions:
Under the direction of the Operations and Finance Director (Ops & Fin Dir), the Contracts Manager, in processing and managing all grant and other agreements, ensures that all Grantees, Partners, Contractors and Vendors comply with the terms of their respective agreement.  This function is achieved by using initiatives, judgment and high levels of accounting skills.
II.        Major Duties and Responsibilities:
  1. Coordinates with the Operations & Finance Director (Ops & Fin Dir.) for the preparation of the annual operations and quarterly grants budgets. Works with Program Officers representatives, and other Guianas staff to gather financial data on assigned projects.
  2. Assists the Ops & Fin Dir. in the project review process, ensuring that systems are in place to facilitate interaction among the Guianas office, its sub-offices, WWF-US, and the Country project review teams.
  3. Prepares grant award documents and other agreements such as pre-grant questionnaire, risk management and other relevant documents for the Ops & Fin Dir. review, working with the relevant Program Officer(s) to draft special provisions in consultation with Legal Services from WWF US as needed. Make sure that partners, consultants or vendors are screened on Bridger Insight as part of the pre-grant award process. These documents should be filed for audit purposes.
  4. Monthly reconciles the grant accounts in Sage with the Financial analyst to ensure that balances are accurate and updated in the grantees’ files; Use this information to follow up with partners on the progress of their activities. Reconcile the information in the Project tracking system (PTS) to ensure the information is complete and accurate.
  5. Reviews and processes agreement requests, including preparing authorization documents, preparing agreements, securing signatures, distributing documents, and preparing appropriate paperwork for prompt payment. When preparing agreements ensure compliance with donor requirements and use initiatives and judgement.
  6. Ensure timely implementation of project execution of agreements through regular meeting with technical and accounting staff and the partners or grantee. Ensure timely submission of deliverables to be reflected in the accounting system. This is a shared responsibility together with the technical and accounting team.
  7. Ensure projects are formally closed off by making sure that all the deliverables are received and filed and disposition letter and close out letter issues and filed. Making sure together with the Financial analyst that the close off is reflected in the Accounting system by performing reconciliation on a regular basis. The close off should be updated in the Project Tracking system as well
  8. Responsible for maintenance of information and files pertaining to project grants, consultancies, field projects, and other agreements.  Maintain a system whereby timely reminders are given to partners and technical officers on the reporting. Revises and analyses all Grantees financial reports for compliance with agreements. Regularly monitors on-going compliance with WWF reporting requirements and individual project deadlines. Ensures all project reports are acknowledged and routed to appropriate individuals for review and approval.  Notifies recipients of delinquent reports; informs Ops & Fin Dir. and relevant Program Officer(s).  Notifies Program Officers of any problems/discrepancies and provides technical assistance to grantees in resolving problematic issues.
  9. Ensure regular field visits to learn about the project activities, the progress and challenges to have a better understanding of the project.
  10. Maintains a thorough understanding of WWF administrative and financial systems (e.g., the project approval processes) to ensure all WWF-issued agreements are processed timely and in accordance with WWF policy and procedures.
  11. Responsible for completing other assigned tasks and carrying out duties relying on own initiative and independent action to assist supervisor with scheduling and completing work assignments.
III.       Supervisory Responsibilities: n/a
IV.       Working Relationships:
  1. Internal: Interacts frequently with the WWF Guianas Office staff, especially the Ops & Fin. Dir., the technical team, WWF-LA/C and other WWF-US staff.
  2. External: Interacts regularly with administration staff of grantees and others.
V.        Minimum Qualifications:
  1. Knowledge: Bachelor’s degree in Accounting/Management or Finance.
  1. Experience: At least five years of grant management experience, with word processing and spreadsheet familiarity required.  Experience with an international organization is a plus.
Skills and Abilities: The position requires fluent oral and writing communications skills.    Advanced computer skills (particularly knowledge of Word and Excel software), are essential.  In addition, the position requires attention to detail, flexibility, and ability to keep accurate records, prioritize effectively and work accurately under time constraints, using initiative and judgment, and a high level of administrative, organizational and communication skills. Candidates should enjoy facilitating the work of others and should be open to travel to remote locations for short periods. Personal interest in national and international conservation and development issues is required.