Environmental Framework Act in Suriname

© Fabian Vas

WWF-Guianas, together with other civil society organizations, mobilized and facilitated support which led to the enactment of the Environmental Framework Law by the National Assembly in Suriname in March 2020. WWF-Guianas and partners worked together with the government for many years to address environmental priorities, and with this law an enormous milestone was reached. This law will allow government to take enforcement action to uphold higher environmental standards.

With the Framework Law, nature legislation will get the much-needed update to meet new and future challenges and threats to biodiversity, such as the emergence of the oil and gas industry, increased destruction due to gold mining, and increase in poaching.

This will create a foundation to protect biodiversity and hold violators accountable. In the coming years, WWF-Guianas is committed to collaborating with the government by supporting the development and implementation of environmental and nature laws within the framework law.