River Protection

In partenership with NGO's in Suriname and Guyana, WWF is advocating for the protection of rivers and water sources though a campaign titled SweetWater or SwitiWatra. The main focus is on preserving rivers, combatting pollution of rivers and creeks and promoting the adoption of nature-based solutions for the safeguarding of freshwater resources under the theme ’Together for Clean Rivers.’

In Suriname the campaign supports the government in making the extra effort for clean and safe rivers in Suriname by advocating for an official end on riverbed mining, socalled skalians. The aim is to have a moratorium on skalians that will be part of the of the reviewed Mining Law from 1986.  

In Guyana with the support of partner organizations in Guyana (SRDC, Policy Forum), the campaign focuses on bringing awareness to the importance of taking a building with nature approach and developing nature-based solutions to human infrastructural development around our critical freshwater ecosystems.

Nature-based solutions are based on the notion that when ecosystems are healthy and well-managed, they provide essential benefits and services to people, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, securing safe water resources, making air safer to breathe, or providing increased food security. It highlights the benefits of taking this approach, both short and long term, to humans and our environment.


This video looks at water (rivers) from a value-use perspective and the services rivers provide to people and nature.