GPA activities in the Guianas

GPA Activities in thee Guianas

© Greeg Gold Team
Green Gold Team
© Greeg Gold Team
In June 2008, WWF Guianas Regional Gold Mining Pollution Abatement (GPA) Officer and some international experts visited a remote mining settlement in Isseneru to promote the Green Gold Concept. Meetings were held with community members and miners to discuss this relatively new concept and the possibilities of adopting this practice for certification.
WWF Guianas signed a Grant Agreement on July 22 with the Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners Association (GGDMA). The agreement is intended to assist the small and medium scale miners to improve the tailings management practice of associated miners. The project will be of a practical nature and will see the establishment of tailings management facilities and demonstrations of best practice and is estimated to cost G$5.6M. The project is expected conclude in January 2009.
WWF Guianas has been identified by many stakeholders in the sector as playing a crucial role for the reduction of environmental impacts caused by the growth of small and medium scale gold mining. 
A water quality research project is currently being supported by WWF Guianas, and the main research site is in Mahdia, Guyana’s biggest mining site. The researcher is attached to Guyana Geology and Mines Commission and aims to find ways to reduce turbidity levels of mining wastewater (tailings) into the rivers and creeks. Work is still ongoing but already encouraging results are being reported.