Guyana Office

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Country Manager

Aiesha Williams

Aiesha is the Country Manager, Guyana since 2015, with the responsibility for managing and giving oversight to WWF’s Conservation programme and overall Operations in Guyana, with eleven years of working with WWF, and has been working in the conservation field all of her professional life, since 2000.

Aiesha possess strong management and leadership skills and Aiesha has extensive expertise in the biodiversity conservation, freshwater and protected areas management, community-based conservation and Partnership management and stakeholder engagement. She holds a Master’s Degree in Conservation and Tourism from Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology (DICE) at University of Kent; and a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, from the University of Guyana. Aiesha is a member of the Guyana Heritage Society and loves to travel.

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Grants Officer

Cycileen Wilson

Cycileen is the Accounts and Grants Officer. She is an accounting professional with years of professional experience. Cycileen joined WWF in September of 2019.


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Communication Officer

Kemptorne Daly

Kemptorne is our Communications officer, he specializes in the development and design of communications materials. He is skilled in the use of digital design tools, creative writing, photography, media relations and web design. He possesses a combination of experience, education, and expertise, which he amassed in over ten years in creative digital media production, public and corporate relations, and the management of integrated media campaigns.  

He has an interest in connecting the visual creative process to the social and cultural identity of people. Kemptorne joined WWF in October of 2019 and holds a Master of Arts - focused on Media and Cultural Studies from the University of Sussex.

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Governance Coordinator

Devon Dublin

Devon joined the WWF team in 2021 as the Governance Coordinator. 

He is a Cuban trained Veterinary Doctor and Zootechnician. He graduated from Hokkaido University in Japan with a Master’s Degree in Marine Life Sciences and a PhD in Environmental Science Development. His work experience spans government, academia, and international organizations. He has been involved in the management of international developmental projects in Latin America, Asia and Africa. Devon’s research and publications are multidisciplinary in nature covering topics of Resilience, Sustainability, One Health, Socioecological Production Landscapes and Seascapes (SEPLS), and Human-Nature Interaction. Devon is a world traveler and an ardent scrabble enthusiast. 

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Office Assistant

Owinthia Hunte

Owinthia Hunte joined the Guyana Office of WWF in February 2012. Since then, she has been taking care of all practical aspects linked to the upkeep and smooth functioning of the adminsitritive ascpets of the office, as well as the key responisiblity of office receptionist.