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Shared Resources, Joint Solutions Programme

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Nature conservation is not only about protecting biodiversity, but it is also about preserving the interests of people in such a way that their way of life and nature are in balance which each other. WWF-Guianas alone cannot influence the course of conservation. To achieve this, we must form long lasting alliances and partnerships which will help ensure that the threats to nature and our own lives are resolved. We humans all depend on nature and at the same time, nature needs us to act more responsible so that the services it provides for all life on the planet will continue.
The Shared Resources, Joint Solutions (SRJS) program that WWF-Guianas has coordinated, envisioned nature conservation as closely partnering with other NGO’s and local and Indigenous communities. This strategy has bolstered civil society in Suriname and Guyana and built capacity in communities between 2015 and 2020.
In partnership with WWF and IUCN in the Netherlands and funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the SRJS program has helped to raise conservation to a new level. Valuable partnership between civil society organizations have been built, which led to more awareness among the public and it contributed to sustainable government policies. At the community level, several successful sustainable business cases have also been built. The SRJS program has seen some remarkable results and fostered strong relations which will benefit civil society in Suriname and Guyana for years to come.

Tackling gender as a core programmatic componet: SRJS best practices in the Guiana