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Join Earth Hour and Help Stop Plastic Pollution​

​On March 26th, 8.30h local time Suriname/Guyana will again join the global movement of Earth Hour. Millions around the world will switch off in solidarity with our planet as a call to action that we need to take better care for nature and people. Everyone can play its part in shaping a new future, from taking individual steps towards living sustainably to urging companies and governments to help build a nature-positive future.



This year WWF-Guianas will focus on plastic pollution. In Guyana and Suriname plastic litter is a growing problem. Single use bottles, bags and other items contaminate our direct environment, our natural world and even threaten our own health. Most plastic waste ends up in the ocean where it is fatal to marine mammals, sea turtles and sea birds. And the tiny parts, so called microplastics, are eaten by small organisms and fish that in are caught for our consumption. So in the end, we eat our own plastic pollution. ​


In this make-or-break year, let your actions and voices send a clear message to leaders everywhere. Now is the time to be bold and ambitious. Together we can shape our future. Earth Hour 2022 will be a key moment for us all to unite and show our resolve to shape a nature positive future.

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Our second Earth Hour "Virtual Spotlight"

Last year, we invited you to take part in our first-ever Earth Hour "Virtual Spotlight", sharing a must-watch video that took over the social media timelines, feeds, and Stories of millions across the world. With over 20,000 social media shares and 2.4 million video views in the first 24 hours, you helped place the spotlight on our planet, the pandemic, and our place within it all.

This Earth Hour, with the crucial United Nations nature & biodiversity conference on the horizon, we need to shine the spotlight on our planet brighter than ever before. Learn more about how to take part in the Earth Hour Virtual Spotlight here.

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