Vacancy Announcement: Consultancy for development of roadmap and draft workplan for marine spatial planning (MSP) in Guyana | WWF

Vacancy Announcement: Consultancy for development of roadmap and draft workplan for marine spatial planning (MSP) in Guyana

Posted on
03 December 2020
Deadline for Application: December 18 2020

Project Title
Promoting Integrated Ocean and Participatory governance in Guyana: The Eastern Gate to the Caribbean
  1. Background
 In Guyana, the coastal and marine areas are an important part of our social, environmental and economic livelihoods, since it houses our major fisheries, oil and gas, creates employment for a wide cross sector of stakeholders, serves as a cultural and social space, ports, rich marine fauna and mangroves habitats, among many other ecosystem based services rendering this area both as regional and of global significance. The use of the space is done on a sector by sector approach, which can result in use-user conflicts as well as degradation to the marine ecosystem, since there is no one overarching monitoring programme or marine spatial plan, except for a Marine Management Committee, hence a timely intervention for this Marine Spatial Planning project.
The ultimate focus of this EU funded project is to significantly strengthen governance and increase protection of the marine and coastal resources of Guyana. The intent is to achieve these goals through collaborative processes with all ocean stakeholders, improve knowledge of the coastal and marine environment and enhance capacity of key stakeholders. With this project, we hope to enable substantial progress towards achieving the Aichi targets 4,6,10, 11 and 14 under the Convention of Biological Diversity (CBD).

Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) requires early and effective engagement and participation of various stakeholders representing the diverse sectors utilising the resources in a given planning area (Twomey & O’Mahony, 2019). Over the last several decades, there has been a paradigm shift with regard to resource and environmental planning and management from scientific model to a more collaborative stakeholder participatory model (Wondolleck & Yaffee, 2003). It is a practical way of creating and establishing a more logical but rational organization of the use of marine space and interactions between users; it balances the demands for development and livelihood by protecting marine ecosystems, and to achieve ecological, economic, and social objectives in an open and planned way (United Kingdom Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, 2008).

WWF-Guianas and the Protected Areas Commission (PAC) within the European Commission funded project titled: “Promoting Integrated Ocean and Participatory governance in Guyana: The Eastern Gate to the Caribbean," invites application for a short term consultant to develop Roadmap and draft Workplan for Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) in Guyana.
  1. Objectives and Scope of Project
The overall objective of the consultancy is to develop and design a roadmap and a draft workplan for Marine Spatial management Planning for implementation in Guyana.
  1. Tasks
  1. General tasks
The consultancy must therefore be largely based on participatory, inclusive and consultative approaches and utilises various methodologies to gather appropriate information for 1) Development of a Roadmap and 2) development of a draft workplan for Marine Spatial Management planning; involving the different categories of stakeholders (NGOs, CSOs, private sector, government departments, Co-operatives or Friendly societies, NDCs, Research Institutions) among others, while adhering to COVID-19 guidelines.
b) Specific Tasks
Based on the understanding of Guyana’s context including currently available data/information clearly; the consultant will carry out the following task:
1. Develop a Roadmap that will lead to a Marine Spatial Plan for Guyana. The roadmap should include proposed steps from inception to declaration of MPAs/ABMTs. More specifically the Roadmap should include;
  1. Proposed workplan including a schedule of tasks with specific boundaries, timeframes, indicative budget, proposed skills and human resources needed for each task.
  2. Detailed guidelines and processes for each step. The steps/actions should include, but not be limited to;
    • Definition and analysis of existing and future conditions, with identification of available information and existing data to develop background for coastal and marine management in Guyana
    • Identify how best to engage and communicate with stakeholders in a highly participatory process.
    • Development of a zoning process that can be implemented in Guyana using existing information and information that may be obtained within a reasonable timeframe.
    • Propose a Management planning process – that also clearly outlines a proposed structure for the plan and how it can be developed in the Guyana context.
    • Identification of possible conservation measures, including MPAs that may be applicable in the Guyana context, also providing pros and cons for implementation of each proposed measure.
    • Provide information on possible Governance structures that may be applied in a MSP for Guyana. – identify strengths and challenges in its implementation.
    • Identify relevant training and other technical needs and expertise needed for the successful completion of a MSP for Guyana.
    • Assess and or identify risks that are likely to occur during planning process and develop contingency plans
    • Conduct presentations/meetings with Project Steering Team to explain content of Roadmap and WorkPlan.
2. In the preparation of the MSP Road Map for Guyana, it is expected that the consultant will;
  • Examine and evaluate the following reports: MSP stakeholder analysis (SA) report, Capacity needs assessment (CNA) Report, Capacity building plan (CBP), CBD Gap analysis and Legislative review, Protected Areas Act 2011 and other relevant acts, Project Launch Inception Report, Stakeholder re-engagement report and project document to determine current situation, resource and identify other needs/gaps for incorporation into the roadmap
  • Conduct meetings, interviews or focus group discussions with Project Steering Team and other key stakeholders to develop the Roadmap and Work Plan.
  • Any other duties assigned based on consultancy
  1. Qualifications
a) Education
  1. Minimum Master’s degree in Environment, Marine Spatial Planning, Conservation Planning, Oceanography or related fields. Preference will be given to holders of a PhD in the relevant field.
b) Experience/Skills
  1.  A minimum of at least five (5) years of proven professional experience in Marine Spatial Planning, Geographic Information System or related field; especially in the Caribbean and or South America
  2. Experience in the drafting of marine spatial planning strategies, workplans and roadmap;
  3. Demonstrate experience working in stakeholder driven projects initiatives, organizational development and capacity building related to Marine Spatial Planning, Resource or Environmental planning;
  4. A good working knowledge of international best practices in conservation, sustainable use, and management of marine and coastal biodiversity and other resources and Marine Protected Area is desirable;
  5. A good personality with strong leadership skills;
  6. Works well both independently with minimal management direction and with a team
  7. Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate and work well with diverse people of varied backgrounds.
  8. Excellent writing and strong communication skills in English would be an advantage
  9. Must be able and willing to travel as needed and or work remotely via online platform and other alternative avenues as a result of Covid19 situation in Guyana and Globally.
  1. Deliverables, Outputs and Reporting
The main output of the consultancy services is to develop a roadmap and draft MSP workplan for the EU funded MSP project: “Promoting Integrated and Participatory Ocean Governance in Guyana: the Eastern Gate to the Caribbean” through stakeholders participation and approval.
The Consultant will submit the following reports:
  1. Inception Report for the MSP Process (one week after signing of contract): with study methodology, budget, programme for the study i.e. approach, strategies and action plan (including gantt chart) to conduct activities necessary for development of roadmap for MSP in Guyana.
2. Draft Roadmap and MSP workplan (Three months after signing of contract): outlining the detailed findings, and next steps
3. A presentation (two weeks before deadline of submission of final reports/end of contract) of the roadmap for Marine Spatial Planning project for Guyana.
4. Final Roadmap Document (by March 2021): a final report incorporating feedback from major and all other relevant stakeholders and from the presentation. This shall be submitted within two weeks after receiving feedback and having agreement from stakeholders.
5. All data and information gathered from desktop review, and interviews and engagements with stakeholders
The consultant shall submit five (5) hard copies and an electronic copy of all the documentation prepared in the course of the consultancy to Marine Officer WWF-Guianas and PAC within the time specified above. The digital copy should be in MS Office Words format, times new roman, Font size 12.
F. Duration
The duration of the consultancy should be three (3) months commencing December, 2020 and ending March, 2021.
  1. Eligibility
This assignment takes place as part of an EU funded project, Applicants need demonstrate that they are legally established in an eligible country as per the rules on participation in procurement procedures and grants of the European Development Fund.
  1. Application deadline and procedures
Interested and suitable candidates should submit their application letter and CV, together with desired consultant fees and estimated expenses, to
The application deadline is December 18, 2020