WWF Commends Norway and Guyana for Their Efforts to Make REDD+ Work

	© Roger Leguen / WWF
View from above on rainforest of the Guianas
© Roger Leguen / WWF
Georgetown, October 27, 2014 – WWF Guianas welcomes Guyana President Ramotar’s announcement of Norway’s 2012 calendar year performance-based payment into the Guyana REDD+ Investment Fund (GRIF). The payment of US$35 million included a US$10 million reduction due to the unfortunate uptick in deforestation between 2011 (0.054%) and 2012 (0.079%). WWF recognizes that REDD+ implementation is an enormous challenge and commends the two governments’ commitment to work through the process and deliver results that enable Guyana’s sustainable economic development while contributing to the global fight against climate change.

Encouragingly, preliminary 2013 results indicate the rate of deforestation dropped to 0.068% last year (a 15% reduction from 2012); a positive development, signifying a payment closer to the $45 million annual maximum amount will be due once those results are verified.
With the second highest percentage of rainforest of any county on Earth, Guyana’s 18.5 million hectares of forest provide an important buffer to climate change. At the same time, these forests - which maintain rich biodiversity, generate extensive freshwater resources and populate Guyana’s spectacular pristine natural landscapes - point to Guyana’s competitive advantage as all these resources become rarer and more valuable over time. We anticipate that in the not too distant future all of these resources will generate significant payments for ecosystem services, as their global value is more widely appreciated.