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Brownsberg Nature Park, Suriname

View over the Brokopondo lake from the top of the Brownsberg Nature Park.
© WWF Guianas
The Brownsberg Nature Park (BNP) seems to be a privileged area for biodiversity conservation. Located 130 km south from Paramaribo the park stands at an altitude of 500m. Created in 1969, it receives today about 18,000 visitors per year from the capital, as well as increasing numbers of foreign visitors. It is managed by STINASU.
In the past years, in collaboration with STINASU and other local and international partners, WWF has been involved in several projects in BNP. In April 2006 a two year field research program was completed with a Tree Atlas, an Ecological Monitoring Plan for Wildlife and Vegetation; a Human Impacts Monitoring Plan, and a Water Quality Monitoring Plan. The training guide for ecological and research programs was produced and published.

Under a "sister" project, "Enhancing the Sustainable Management of BNP", a youth facility, "the Browns - Herberg" designed to lodge 36 youngsters and 8 trainers during youth outreach camps, was opened at the Nature Park. Under this project nature education trails, a Visitor's Center, Wildlife Rangers Club, Park Ranger facilities, trail maps, a video documentary, and a curriculum for future research and monitoring were developed. The 10-year old Management Plan was updated, completed, printed, and distributed in September.