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Aiesha Williams Country Manager, Guyana

Aiesha Williams
Country Manager

Aiesha is the Country Manager of WWF Guianas, Guyana Office for about two years, having responsibility for managing and oversight of WWF’s Conservation programme and overall Operations in Guyana. With almost ten years of working with WWF, and all together seventeen years of working experience in the conservation field. Aiesha has extensive expertise in the wildlife and wetlands research and monitoring, biodiversity conservation, freshwater and protected areas management, and community-based conservation.
She holds a Master’s Degree in Conservation and Tourism from the University of Kent, Canterbury, within which her thesis focused on community-based tourism within protected areas; and a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, from the University of Guyana with her final research project focused on the distribution of endangered species in Guyana.
Aiesha also previously work at Iwokrama International Centre, and with the EPA’s National Wildlife Surveys. She also lectured the Wildlife Management Course for Guyana School of Agriculture’s Regional Educational Programme for Animal Health Assistants. Aiesha volunteered with the Guyana Red Cross and is a member of the Guyana Heritage Society. 
Chuck Hutchinson REDD+ and Protected Areas lead, Guyana

Chuck Hutchinson
REDD+ and Protected Areas lead

Chuck has 30 years of experience in conservation and community development; including 20 years with Conservation International in Ghana, Suriname and South Africa and, since 2012, with WWF Guianas, Guyana Office. A Harvard-trained Landscape Architect, Chuck brings his spatial planning and design chops - with a hearty dose of advocacy - to his areas of focus: Protected Areas and REDD+.
Juliana Persaud Biodiversity Officer, Guyana

Juliana Persaud
Biodiversity Officer

With a Master’s degree in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management from the University of Oxford, UK, Juliana has started her career in conservation at the EPA, and has over 6 years of experience working with indigenous communities, CBO’s and policy makers in Guyana, to support the development of protected areas and the improvement of rural livelihoods.
For WWF, Juliana leads activities pertaining to biodiversity protection and environmental governance, inclusive of participatory engagements for conservation.
She enjoys a good game of badminton and the outdoors, where she practices photography.
Preeya Rampersaud Senior Coordinator – Shared Resources, Joint Solutions Programme, Guyana

Preeya Rampersaud
Senior Coordinator – Shared Resources, Joint Solutions Programme

Preeya joined WWF Guianas in October 2016 as Senior Coordinator to manage the Shared Resources, Joint Solutions (SRJS) Programme across the Guianas. This regional initiative is currently being implemented in Guyana and Suriname with lessons from French Guiana.
Preeya has a Master’s Degree in Environmental Management and Policy from Lund University, Sweden and over twelve (12) years professional experience in the environment and natural resources sectors. She brings with her rich and diverse experiences having worked at different levels of management, across several areas including environmental and project management, environmental and climate policy, coastal planning and management and social and environmental safeguards, with multiple stakeholder groups. She is a self-motivated individual who has a strong desire to find solutions through interventions that strengthen social ecological systems to enable and build resilient communities. Preeya enjoys nature despite having a fear of snakes! 
Sopheia Edghill Marine Officer, Guyana

Sopheia Edghill
Marine Officer

Sopheia is a MSc candidate at the UWI. St. Augustine Campus with particular interest in marine conservation and ecology. She joined the WWF team in 2010 as a research assistant on the Assessment of Wetlands of Guyana.
She provides support for the oceans related projects (inclusive of Marine Turtle Conservation and Sustainable Fishing projects) in Guyana.
Sopheia enjoys travelling and nature. 
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Marlyn Payne Office Manager, Guyana
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Marlyn Payne
Office Manager

Marlyn ensures the Guyana office runs as efficiently as possible by providing administrative support to all members of staff.
She has an Administrative Professionals Diploma, Administrative Assistant Certificate, Certificate in International Relations and over 9 years experience working in the capacity of an Executive/Administrative Assistant. Having worked with both public and private entities, Marlyn is able to tailor her skills to meet the needs of various visitors. She has been with WWF Guyana’s family for more than 4 years and is a cheerful person who always has a smile when greeting everyone and is ever happy to be of assistance.
She loves music, travelling and video games, currently trying to get a classic Nintendo console.
Karranchand Indarjit Accountant/Grants Manager, Guyana

Karranchand Indarjit
Accountant/Grants Manager

Karranchand has been in the finance/accounting field for almost two decades. He brings great experience and knowledge in the non-profit conservation business. His past working experience involved working with many beautiful and diverse indigenous communities, international partners and local stakeholders to sustain Guyana's rich biodiversity.
Karranchand’s responsibilities at WWF-Guyana include coordinating and implementing all financial and accounting systems in accordance with WWF-US policies and procedures. He is also responsible for managing grants, consultancies, and other agreements in Guyana.
In his spare time Karranchand enjoys the outdoors, whether travelling or playing a sport; he is an ardent cricket fan. His main aim in life is making a positive impact on the lives of his three beautiful children.
Owinthia Hunte Housekeeper, Guyana

Owinthia Hunte

Owinthia Hunte joined the Guyana Office of WWF in February 2012. Since then, she has been taking care of all practical aspects linked to keeping the office space proper and welcoming for all guests and staff persons.

Rupununi Office

Patricia Fredericks Community Engagement Expert WWF, Guyana

Patricia Fredericks
Community Engagement Expert WWF

Patricia’s work involves engaging with communities and local NGOS on the work that WWF is doing. Her previous roles have been about capacity building and awareness in order to help indigenous and local communities better understand their roles in a changing society.
In 2008 Patricia  was awarded the 1st Henri Blaffart Conservation Warrior Award, by Conservation International.
Indranee Roopsind Community Engagement Specialist / Field Coordinator, Guyana

Indranee Roopsind
Community Engagement Specialist / Field Coordinator

Indranee is a Guyanese biologist with over 15 years of experience working in forest systems and biodiversity of Guyana, with much time devoted to the villages and environs within the North Rupununi Wetlands.
Her first love is the Giant River Otter (Pteronura brasiliensis): this species is the driving force both behind her conservation work and behind the choice of making the North Rupununi her home.
Roxroy Bollers IT/GIS Database Expert, Guyana

Roxroy  Bollers
IT/GIS Database Expert

Roxroy has more than 10 years’ experience IT, GIS analysis and database management, involving forest resource management. His duties with WWF include: ensuring the effective delivery of the PMRV training sessions with the selected indigenous communities; curating GIS and data management and map preparation, information sharing with local governmental and non-governmental stakeholders pertaining to PMRV and Opt-in Readiness for communities. He also works to ensure activities are facilitated as per approved work plans and under the guidance of the Community Engagement Expert and the Protected Areas/REDD+ Lead.
He enjoys the outdoors, providing training and working with the community members, and spending time with his daughter.
Vitus Antone Community Engagement Specialist, Guyana

Vitus Antone
Community Engagement Specialist

Vitus is an Amerindian native of Guyana born to parents of Wapishana descent from a little village called Shea located in Deep South, Rupununi Region. He has studied Forestry Sciences at the Guyana School of Agriculture and at the University of Guyana. He received the first ever Ranger Training by Iwokrama International Centre for Rain Forest Conservation. He has over fifteen years of experience working in the field of Natural Resource Management throughout the entire Rupununi Region with Iwokrama, Conservation International Guyana and World Wildlife Fund. His deepest passion is working with local communities for the better management and development of our natural heritage.
Althea Hamilton Training Assistant, Guyana

Althea Hamilton
Training Assistant

Althea’s job entails assisting the community engagement experts in building capacity. Being a resident of the North Rupununi and an expert in this field, she truly appreciates the need for capacity building among indigenous and local communities.