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Gender mainstreaming training in Suriname

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21 May 2018
As conservation is our core business, we often under estimate the issues pertaining to gender. In order to appeal more to human well-being, gender mainstreaming should not be an afterthought, but a part of the DNA of our programs from the inception. Under the SRJS program, gender mainstreaming is a necessity and therefore a training was designed and given by Stichting Projekta, one of the SRJS partners in Suriname.
The training started with a definition of what gender mainstreaming is, and why it is important to create a gender balance in conservation programs. The practical session of this training was the use of the gender analysis matrix. This matrix is set up to incorporate gender issues into the design of a program or project. Thus, the 20 participants got a first-hand experience of how to strategize the thought process around gender mainstreaming in program development.